The mission of the Kendal Hudgins Scholarship Fund is to support Atlantic City, NJ students facing socio-economic hardships by highlighting the importance of higher learning and providing financial assistance.

application deadline  

January 1, 2023

1 %
Poverty Rate

of Atlantic City residents live below the national poverty line 

1 %
Higher education

of residents don’t have a bachelors degree or higher

1 %
Head of Household

of Atlantic City students come from single family households

about KH Scholarship

It is no secret that this country faces a huge opportunity gap, making it extremely difficult for low income students from underserved communities to pursue higher education. The Kendal Hudgins Scholarship Fund was created in memory of Kendal Hudgins, who was tragically lost to gun violence in Atlantic City, NJ. With this scholarship, it is our hope to help narrow the opportunity gap for students who come from Atlantic City’s impoverished and underserved communities. This scholarship aims to cultivate and sustain a positive impact by motivating the underprivileged and providing them with the financial assistance. Each year, we would like to honor Kendal’s lasting legacy and passion for higher education with the Kendal Hudgins Scholarship Fund. Our goal is his goal, which is simple yet powerful; to alleviate the burden of educational finances for other young men and women growing up in neglected and overlooked Atlantic City communities. 

Application Requirements

  • Atlantic City High School “Seniors”
  • Atlantic County Institute of Technology “Seniors”
  • Chartertech High School “Seniors”
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University Undergraduate “Freshmen”
  • Complete and submit application before deadline – 1/1/2023
  • Complete “essay”
  • Submit “official” high school or college transcript 
  • Have experienced socio-economic hardships
  • US Citizen – proof of residence

Giving Back

As a local and new scholarship fund, we rely heavily on the generosity of individuals, organizations, and businesses for support.

Making a generous donation today will support our efforts of alleviating the financial burden that comes with continuing post secondary education. Our only hope to support Atlantic City’s future scholars.

100% of all donations will be given to our Yellow Scholars; recipients of the Kendal Hudgins Scholarship Fund.

about kendal hudgins

Kendal Hudgins was a scholar, entrepreneur, mentor, and one of Atlantic City’s brightest hopes. Born and raised in Atlantic City, NJ, a disinvested neighborhood marked by poverty, drugs, and structural racism, Kendal was determined to rewrite the narrative of young Black men growing up in America’s ghettos. Kendal believed that education was the key to true freedom and was committed to carve a new path for himself. In 2000, he enrolled in Fairleigh Dickinson University,  the largest private university in New Jersey, where he later graduated summa cum laude earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. He then continued on at Fairleigh Dickinson University, taking it a step further by obtaining his master’s degree in Business Administration with a focus in entrepreneurship. 


After graduating college, Kendal was laser focused on his goals, he had big dreams, and was determined to be successful. On any given day, you’d see Kendal preaching education in the hood. He was a role model who not only stressed the importance of education with his words but also with his actions. Kendal took pride in pouring into his family and friends and made it his mission to be present for the graduations of the youth he mentored. His achievements had an immense impact on his community, which extended far beyond his efforts to inspire – he had become a neighborhood hero. Though Kendal graduated from college with two degrees, he still faced extremely hard challenges to obtain academic success. With the understanding of how these challenges can often discourage underserved youth, the Kendal Hudgins Scholarship Fund was founded to not only honor his legacy and values but to help the youth gain financial resources to pursue the education they deserve.

my promise to my brother

As a little girl, my brother was always my biggest cheerleader and inspiration. I wanted to mimic his every move. I even remember breaking my arm when I was four years old after jumping down a flight of stairs, because I saw him do it first. Growing up my mother consistently reminded us that education was vital and the key to a better life – she was right. I recognized early on that Kendal had a gift, he was a true intellect. What amazed me most about Kendal was not only how bright he was, but also his innate ability to lead. With a smile that could light up a room, he would always jokingly brag about how much smarter he was than me. But I grew to appreciate the friendly competition and motivation because my brother embodied excellence and quite like the little girl who came tumbling down those stairs many years ago, I still aim to be as courageous, as intelligent, as determined as he was; my forever hero.  


Looking back, I realize the importance of having someone in your corner. Just like Kendal motivated and believed in me, he also needed someone who believed in him. Fortunately, that someone was his guidance counselor, Mrs. Lathan, who saw his potential and encouraged him to greater heights. She’s the reason he applied to college, a decision that ultimately changed his life. This reminds me that it only takes one person to see something good in you, despite your shortcomings. Everyone deserves a champion. So, to my amazing big brother, my promise is to keep your legacy afloat by ensuring that kids from underserved communities have the opportunity to elevate and get exposure to a better life. I will be dedicated to the mission at hand. Your light will never fade. You were a selfless leader and you inspired everyone you came in contact with. I am who I am today because of you and I’m forever grateful for your imprint on my life. You are still a part of everyone who loves you. You’ve left your mark, kid. The world will know your story and people will know the name Kendal Hudgins. My purpose was not evident until now, Kendal, you are my purpose. I’ll love you forever and ever!

Malcolm X

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”